• Fall 20. ECE 629: Neural Network
    • Covering: Artificial Neural Network, Backpropogation Learning, Optimization Problems, Recurrent Network, Convergence Analysis, Feedforward and Multistage Networks, Reinforcement Learning, Neural Activation Functions, Learning Theory, etc.
  • Spring 20.  ECE 662: Pattern Recognition
    • Covering: Machine Learning, Learning Theory, Learning Problem and Principles, Data Analysis, Feature Extraction, Statistical Analysis, Supervised Learning, Unsupervised Learning, Parametric Classifier, Non-parametric Classifier, etc.
  • Fall 20/Fall 19/Spring 19/Fall 18.  ECE 301: Signals and Systems
    • Covering: Time-domain and Frequency-domain Analysis, Fourier Methods, Complex System Analysis, Laplace Transform, Z Transform, Convolution, Filtering, State Space Analysis, etc.
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