Area 1: AI/Deep Learning for big data

Our lab leverages deep learning to uncover the power hidden in the big data. Cutting-edge deep learning technologies, such as Convolutional Neural Network, Long Short-term Memory, Autoencoder, Generative Adversarial Network, and more have been thoroughly researched and implemented to deal with diverse kinds of challenges in big data.

Area 2: Wearable/IoT for big data

Our lab also leverages customized wearable computers, Body Sensor Network, and Internet of Things to achieve big data. Devices, Software/Hardware, and Systems have been designed and built in our lab to perceive big data, which help grasp valuable dynamics of the human & physical world and are then learned by AI algorithms developed in our lab.

Research Multidisciplinary Technologies for Systematic Innovations:

Pervasive Embedded Intelligence; Artificial Intelligence; Wearable Intelligence; Mobile Health; Edge Computing; Medical IoT Platform; Wearable Sensing; Physiological Signal Processing; Smart Health/Home/World Big Data.

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