We are recruiting PhD, MS, and BS students.

Welcome to Ubiquitous Embedded Intelligence (UbiEi) Lab, at Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis! We leverage multidisciplinary innovations to embed AI learning and IoT sensing capabilities into a smart system, for big data-driven smart health/home/world applications.


  • [12/2019] Paper to be submitted to EMBS2020 Conference.
  • [12/2019] Accepted Book Chapter Invitation in AI-driven Smart Health Big Data, Springer.
  • [11/2019] Finalized IEEE Access Special Issue in Smart Health Big Data, which accepted over 10 journal articles for publication.
  • [11/2019] Book Chapter (Link) in AI-enabled Cardiac Big Data Mining, published in ‘Biomedical Signal Processing – Advances in Theory, Algorithms and applications’, Springer.
  • [10/2019] Two Abstracts accepted by The 2020 American Heart Association Conference, US.
  • [09/2019] Finalized IEEE Access Special Issue in Smart Health Sensing and Machine Learning, which accepted 20 journal articles for publication.
  • [08/2019] Two Papers accepted by The annual IEEE EMB Conference, US.
  • [04/2019] Paper accepted by The 41st IEEE International Engineering in Medicine and Biology Conference (IEEE EMBS 2019), Berlin, Germany.
  • [04/2019] Leading another Special Issue in AI and IoT at IEEE Access.
  • [03/2019] Gave a Talk about Smart Health Big Data at the Data Science Summit at IUPUI.
  • [12/2018] Invited Book Chapter entitled ‘Artificial Intelligence-enabled ECG Big Data Mining for Pervasive Heart Health Monitoring’, finished. Springer.
  • [10/2018] Two Papers accepted by The 9th IEEE Annual Ubiquitous Computing, Electronics & Mobile Communication Conference (IEEE UEMCON 2018), New York, USA.
  • [08/2018] Leading a Special Issue in AI and IoT at IEEE Access.
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